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Inca Trail: Reservations

TO make a reservation for the Inca Trail
follow these steps

1. select the Inca Trail tour
2. Read all the information on the Inca Trail
3. Also read the information on the Inca Trail tips
4. Read the itinerary of the Inca Trail that you want
5. Set a date for his tour of the Inca Trail
6. Check Inca trail Availability
7. Choose: official Inca Trail Tour Operator (Andean Enjoy Peru)
8. Look good and which includes in its the Inca Trail Trek
9. Pay 50% of their Inca Trail Trekking
10. Send your personal information accurate for permission to raise the Inca Trail Trek (name, Passport  number, age, gender, nationality) but the money transfer code.
11. Collect your mail from reconfirmation of Inca Trail Travel
12. You already have your Inca Trail Reservations
13. For other options consult your Inca Trail Tour Operator