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Inca Trail: Rules for Visitors

Please observe the following:

Always carry your ticket
those who reach the Citadel from the Inca Trail must show the tourist ticket previously bought in km. 82 (Piscacucho, Corihuayrachina or in the city of Cusco proper.

When arriving and entering Machu Picchu it is necessary to approach the administration offices, register and leave your backpack in custody. ($ 1.00 for safekeeping).


Both Machu Picchu as well as the Inca Trail have been declared as Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. To conserve and take care of them is the obligation of every visitor, whether Peruvian or foreigner.

No littering in the archaeological sites is allowed.
It is forbidden to camp or stay overnight inside the monuments, complexes, archaeological sites or restricted areas. Camping is only allowed in those areas specifically assigned for this use.
The tranquility of the sites must be kept out of respect for the other visitors.
The use of archaeological sites as toilets is prohibited.
It is forbidden to alter the position of stones and otherwise damage the buildings.
Transgressors will be subject to a fine or prosecution.

To dig without a license is considered a felony.


It is forbidden to litter or leave garbage in the trail area.
Any garbage or litter must be bagged and disposed of at the end of the trail to be retired from the Sanctuary.

Garbage cans can be found in some places along the trail. The visitors must realize the difficulty of carrying out clean ups in the area
Radios and loudspeakers must be turned down in order not to disturb other visitors or the environment.

Plants and wildlife are protected under the Heritage of Humanity agreement. No collecting of plants and/or hunting are allowed. Firearms are not allowed into the area.
During animal sightings do not make sudden moves, loud noises or in any way disturb the animals.

It is forbidden to extract, acquire or depredate any plant or animal specie in the area.
It is forbidden to light campfires. These constitute a grave danger to the environment. In the past, severe forest and brush fires have caused severe damage to
both the environment and the archaeological sites.


Most of the trail is very safe, but this no reason to be foolhardy. In some parts there are deep cliffs. If you want to observe something closer, first stop before looking since even a slight unbalancing may cause a serious accident.

It is recommended not to leave the trail, since it is easy to get lost or to fall down a chasm. Follow only the signalled trail and do not stray from it.

The Inca Trail is duly signalled and one should not stray from the path. A lost person may be very hard or impossible to find.

We recommend not bringing alcoholic beverages or forbidden drugs on the trail.
In case of emergencies please contact immediately with the guards