A customer of a hosting company can often face manyhosting-1 obstacles that can inhibit the availability of their website and cause various other issues. One such nuance is that of DDOS distributed denial of service attacks which can seemingly come out of nowhere and cause site slowness or even completely take a site offline. Another bad time for a web property owner is when a site loads slow from some or all users. The services of a company called Cloudflare can be a lifesaver in these scenarios as they provide CDN content deliver network and a distributed domain name server system to prevent the aforementioned issues. Hosting companies that want to stay relevant in the fast-paced hosting game are increasingly creating partnerships with Cloudflare in order to offer the services as part of their packages.

One of the most bleeding edge advancements in the Cloudflare services is the universal SSL that allows for the support of SSL connections for each customer.Hosting This product feature has just become available in late 2014 and was subsequently rolled out to the numerous clients. There are three different modes which the Universal SSL service can be placed in: Flexible SSL mode, Full SSL mode, or Strict SSL mode. Flexible SSL mode is going to only encrypt the traffic between Cloudflare and the visitor while Full or Strict mode encrypts the traffic between the origin server and Cloudflare as well. Strict mode adds the extra security feature where there must exist a valid SSL certificate and it needs to be signed by a proper certificate authority.

Another cutting edge feature that Cloudflare provides is their unique analytics dashboard. Using this tool, a website owner can see general visitor analytics as is commonly found with other 3rd party analytics software. However, the true beauty of the Cloudflare system comes with the monitoring of threats and search engine crawls. This traffic can generally account for up to half of a websites analytic data, but it is mostly ignored by other packages. The data can be parsed into categories such as known threats, failed browser integrity checks, stopped by active security, blocked by ip address filter and other similar groupings. A threat control panel allows for easy adding and removing of ips that may be problematic.

The security features of Cloudflare as well as the analytics and related tools allow for control that is beyond what any similar services might provide. That is why many hosting companies are deciding to partner with Cloudflare to offer it as part of their hosting packages. Optimized partners and certified partners can insure that their hosting customers get the most out of the Cloudflare service and this includes the Railgun service which keeps the connection between the origin server and the Cloudflare network as fast as possible. Does all of these sound a little to complex for you? Then try an easier option such as the Free website builder from Dynadot. Secure simple and easy to use!